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Evacuated Tube Heating Systems WA

How it works

In this type of system the pool water is heated indirectly through a very efficient titanium heat exchanger. The evacuated tube reacts to light energy and creates steam vapour that rises to the bulb on the end of the heat pipe that is inserted into the glass tube. The energy is transferred into the circulating water at the manifold and the hot water is returned to the heat exchanger. A specific automatic controller coordinates the heating process.

The sizing of the evacuated tube system in relation to an outdoor pool is approximately 10,000L for every panel. This creates a much more compact system in comparison to a traditional strip or panel system, allowing more options when considering roof space.

For year round heating or high temperature applications, the panel
sizing can be increased to suit.

Evacuated Tube profile

Green Star Solutions is proud to include evacuated tube systems in its range. The evacuated tubei system is ideal for indoor, lap pool and commercial applications, where year round heating is required. This high performance system can be mounted on a frame, making it ideal for any roof, and needs only 50% of the area of a traditional strip system to duplicate its performance.

  • Award winning technology
  • 100% cockatoo proof
  • Minimal roof space required
  • Ideal for high wind areas
  • Year round heating input
  • Hail rated to AS2712

What is an evacuated tube?

The key component of this system is the evacuated tube, which consists of an inner and outer glass tube that has been vacuum sealed together. The tubes are made from highly transparent and extremely strong borosilicate glass, which are able to resist the impact of hail up to 25mm in diameter and have the ability to handle stress caused by extreme temperatures. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating, ‘novel sputtering’, developed at the University of Sydney, which allows solar radiation to be effectively absorbed. This means that light energy is absorbed and turned into heat energy even on cloudy days. A properly designed evacuated tube system can provide energy savings of more than 50% depending on where you are situated in Australia, saving you thousands of dollars annually.

On a global level, evacuated tubes are the highest performing solar collector due to their ability to absorb solar energy on cold and cloudy days. When averaged out over an entire year in Australia, evacuated tube collectors can increase efficiencies at least 40% above a standard flat plate panel system and in excess of 100% compared to a normal strip pool heating system.

Domestic or Commercial solar hot water applications

The evacuated tube system can also be used to pre-heat your home or commercial facilities hot water tanks.

Prioritisation or surplus energy heat rejection can be automatically controlled in the heating process.