Solar Pool Heating Perth

Solar Pool Heating Perth

Get Affordable Solar Pool Heating in Perth

Solar pool heating is the preferred pool-warming solution among Perth residents. Solar hot water systems use the sun's energy to heat your pool water, which means you can run the electric heat pump with minimal costs. Green Star Solutions has years of experience installing solar pool heaters. We can help you with various solar services, including pool heating, solar hot water, and solar power (PV) panels. We work with residential and commercial clients to help them warm their pools cost-effectively.

Our team strives to ensure you extend your swimming days. Solar heating allows you to swim at a temperature that suits you, which means you can extend the use of your pool by six to nine months. You can also use a solar heating system to cool your pool in hot environments by circulating the water during the cooler evening hours.

Types of Solar Pool Heating Services That We Offer Perth Residents

Green Star Solutions offer various solar pool heating solutions, including;

  • Traditional strip system
  • Panel system
  • Evacuated tube hot water

The traditional strip system can increase your water temperature by 10°C. Pool water is circulated through tubes installed on your roof. The sun heats the water before it returns to the pool. You can manage the temperature using an automatic control system. The solar panel system is reliable and high-performance since it is rigid. Pool water is circulated through solar panels, and the sun heats it before it returns to the pool. The evacuated tube heating system heats pool water indirectly through an efficient titanium heat exchanger. The system reacts to light energy and creates a steam vapour that rises to the bulb at the end of a heat pipe inserted into a glass tube. The energy gets transferred to the circulating water at the manifold, and hot water is returned to the heat exchanger. Call our team to help you determine your property's best solar heating method.

Solar Pool Heating Perth
Solar Pool Heating Perth

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating for Homes in Perth

A solar heating system can have a life expectancy of up to 20 years if maintained properly. Here are the benefits of installing our solar pool heating in Perth.

  • Inexpensive. The solar heating system is a worthwhile investment since you will save money on long-term running costs.
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint. Solar heaters use renewable energy harnessed from the sun. As such, they have little impact on the environment.
  • Low maintenance. Once you install your solar heating system, you will need little to no ongoing maintenance or repairs. The system can last long before being replaced.
  • Freedom to Enjoy Your Pool all year Round. Installing a pool heater allows you to enjoy your pool all year round instead of when it is hot enough to swim. 

Swimming pools are a source of entertainment, exercise, and relaxation. Our solar pool heating solutions will let you enjoy these benefits year-round.

Solar pool heating is an affordable way to warm your Perth swimming pool. Please contact our team to help you install a pool heating system.


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