Green Star Solutions Extends Swimming Season with Solar-Powered Systems

Summer fun in the pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends and homeowners can extend the use of their pools by up to six months, simply by utilizing the free power of the sun. Solar pool heating systems are energy and cost efficient. Our solar heating system at Green Star Solutions allows families to enjoy their pool longer each year and it increases the overall value of the home.

Solar heating systems significantly decrease the cost of pool warming and typically have low annual operating costs. They consist of a solar collector, a filter, a pump and flow control valve. A solar heating system can also be used to cool a pool in hot environs by circulating the water during the cooler evening hours.

Expert Installation

Installation of a solar pool heating system requires the expertise of a professional who will be able to evaluate the site, determine the right size system for the pool, and calculate the correct tilt and orientation of the solar collector. The experts at Green Star Solutions are cognizant of the local laws, ordinances and permit requirements.

Installers must consider a variety of parameters when establishing a system. Conditions that affect the size of the solar heating system depend on the size of the pool and its directional orientation for the solar collector. The desired temperature of the pool, the average length of the swimming season and regional temperatures are all factors. The use of a pool cover will also affect the efficiency and energy costs of the system.

Types of Solar Systems

A variety of heating options are available, from traditional strip systems and panels to evacuated tube systems. The experts at Green Star Solutions have over 25 years of experience in determining the exact needs and requirements of their clients, and providing quality systems and installation. The company has earned a reputation for superior customer service.

Hassle Free Maintenance

If maintained properly, a solar heating system for a swimming pool can have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years. Collectors require little maintenance, providing the pool’s filtering system and chemical balance is checked and monitored regularly. Solar collectors can be mo unted on the ground or on a rooftop, but may need to be cleaned in environments that receive little rainfall to rinse panels clean.

A swimming pool is a major cost and a solar heating system takes advantage of the free power provided by the sun. The heating systems at Green Star Solutions allow families to enjoy their investment longer each year. Pools are a popular source of entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Our solar heating system at Green Star Solutions allows families to enjoy all the benefits of their pool long after friends have packed theirs up for the year.

Return on Investment

By eliminating or reducing the need for gas or electric heating your solar heating system will pays for itself well and truly over its lifetime.


The performance of a solar pool heating system can be dictated by many external factors. Installation techniques and methods can also affect the performance of a solar system. Our experienced staff will be able to advise you on the type of system to give you optimum performance.