Pool Heat Pumps Perth

Pool Heat Pumps Perth

Green Star Solutions: Your Pool Heat Pump Experts in Perth

Are you looking for reliable and eco-friendly pool heat pump solutions in Perth? Look no further than Green Star Solutions WA. We are a leading provider of sustainable heating options for residential and commercial properties. Our Genesis Heat Pump is a top-of-the-line pool heating solution focusing on environmental consciousness and energy efficiency. 

Our director, Craig Doncon, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise with 18 years of experience in the pool industry. His passion for sustainability and renewable energy drives our commitment to providing eco-friendly pool heating options. Our Genesis Heat Pump is equipped with innovative inverter technology that efficiently extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to your pool water. Using R32 next-generation refrigerant gas, this process ensures minimal environmental impact and optimal energy exchange. Our technology saves you up to 50% on running costs while enjoying whisper-quiet operation.

Choosing the Right Pool Heat Pump in Perth: Genesis Options

When it comes to pool heat pumps in Perth, Green Star Solutions offers two distinct types of Genesis pool heat pumps to cater to your specific needs and space constraints.

Genesis - The Next Generation Heat Pump SIDE DISCHARGE:

This model is designed with a unique inverter technology that efficiently exchanges heat from the outside air with your pool water using R32 next-generation refrigerant gas. It operates quietly above 45dB, ensuring a peaceful pool environment. The inverter technology constantly monitors your pool water temperature and adjusts the compressor and fan speed for optimal efficiency. With this side discharge design, you get up to 50% more energy exchange through the spiralled titanium exchanger, making it an ecologically friendly and cost-effective choice.

Pool Heat Pumps Perth
Pool Heat Pumps Perth

Genesis - The Next Generation Heat Pump TOP DISCHARGE:

These units offer all the features of the side discharge models but come in a square shape, allowing upward air discharge. The top discharge Genesis heat pumps are ideal for smaller yards with space restrictions and are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. They also operate quietly and provide substantial energy savings.

Genesis - The Next Generation Heat Pump WALL MOUNTED:

These pool heat pumps can also be wall mounted if required, offering you an efficient and conspicuous location for the unit to operate.

Why Choose Green Star Solutions for Pool Heat Pumps in Perth?

When you choose Green Star Solutions for your pool heat pump needs in Perth, you're investing in heating and a sustainable and cost-effective future for your pool. Here are the key benefits of partnering with us:

  • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Our Genesis Heat Pump uses inverter technology and next-generation refrigerant gas, reducing environmental impact and saving you money on energy bills. It has a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 16.0, which means we provide up to 16kw of heat in return for every 1kw of electricity consumed.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Our Genesis Heat Pumps have received five gold awards at the SPASA Awards of Excellence over the past two years for sustainable products and projects. We have a proven track record of delivering long-lasting solutions.
  • Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy pool heaters. Our Genesis Heat Pumps operate at just above 40dB, ensuring a peaceful pool experience.
  • Long-Term Warranty: We stand behind our products and services with confidence. Enjoy a 30-year warranty on the titanium heat exchanger, a 10-year warranty on the compressor, and a 3-year warranty on other parts.
  • WIFI Compatible: The Genesis Next Generation Heat Pumps are all equip with WiFi compatibility and have an easy to navigate control allowing you to set temperatures and switch between heating and cooling with a touch of your phone. All you have to do is download the SMARTLIFE app and you will have control from anywhere, anytime.
Pool Heat Pumps Perth

Green Star Solutions is committed to providing innovative and eco-friendly pool heat pump solutions in Perth. Choose us for sustainable heating solutions for your pool.


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